Altra Federal Credit Union

Employee Testimonials


Let our employees tell you why they enjoy working at Altra!


"I first started right out of college as a Teller at Altra. The training and opportunities afforded to me by working for a growing financial institution allowed me to earn several promotions including the opportunity to manage my first branch in our Lexington, KY office. I have been with Altra for nearly 20 years and now have the responsibility for overseeing seven of Altra’s retail locations throughout the country. I love my job, the culture and working environment at Altra and the people that I work with—many of which I consider as family."

—Dan S., 19 years of service


“Altra is an outstanding place to work! I started out in a part-time position and shortly after was promoted to a full-time position. Though this position wasn’t my dream job, I had a future goal in mind. This goal was to someday obtain a full-time position in the Marketing department and put my skills and educational background to work. With Altra’s increased growth I knew that future Marketing positions would be in sight so I patiently waited for an opportunity to arise – which it did!!  Both my manager and the VP of Marketing were behind me every step of the way to help me achieve my goal. Altra truly cares for their employees and wants you to succeed and grow in your career! They believe in you and want you to accomplish great things! Altra offers great benefits and a top-notch wellness program, they are flexible with your schedule, and all the employees here are pretty GREAT to work with, which makes coming to work every day a bit easier. I would strongly recommend Altra to anyone currently looking for a full or part-time position!”

– Emily G., 4 years of service




"I have been with Altra now for 36 years and I love working here. Altra cares about it’s members and employees.  With awesome members, great benefits and fun/friendly staff to work with, Altra is the place to be for me!"

- Ellen R., 36 years of service



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